The Ayer

Top real estate agent Laurie Phillips desired a great website & emails campaigns to showcase properties at the Ayer residence in Philadelphia. No current website directed buyers to Laurie's detailed listings of available properties. Now, The Ayer has a sleek responsive website and email system that allows Laurie to update listings via CMS.

responsive website

The Ayer's affluent target market emphasized a need for mobile presence that wasn't edited down, but just as robust as the desktop version. Drawing on the clean aesthetics of the desktop site, the responsive mobile version continues the ease-of-use seamlessly. Large, clear buttons make the site efficient and call-to-actions intuitive and fluid.

email campaign

A dynamic and interchangeable design was needed for the e-marketing of emails and display ads. Due to the nature of real estate availability, the Ayer needed design solutions that are self-sustaining on the client side and easy to update without altering the aesthetics. A straight-forward, bullet proof design extended the look of the website onto email campaigns.